About us

Dogs, like people, have their weaknesses and once in a while they want to eat something different than what they have every day – some treat that makes their day better. And it is with this in mind that Acana Polska decided to create a product that will satisfy the most secret desires of our and your four-legged pals.

When developing the product, questions arose:

  • people like sweets and what do dogs like?
  • Can a healthy and nutritious meal be also tasty for a dog?
  • Are the dog treats that can be found in the shops really so good for our dogs?
  • Is it possible to create a treat that does not contain flour and other ‘fillers’?

It turned out that we can answer all these questions and we managed to create biscuits that our pets like. A high content of meat and lack of grain make it nutritious and valuable. This is how Meat Hit biscuits were created.

Meat Hit biscuits contain up to 50% of meat and vegetables, herbs and many other ingredients valuable for dogs. What is important, we do not use grain, flour, preservatives or other ‘fillers’ in our production process and thus Meat Hit biscuits have only 13 kcal and give energy for the whole day.

Our main goal is to make our shaggy family members happy and to make it easier for you to train and reward them. To maintain the highest standards, Meat Hit biscuits are baked in one kitchen in Canada, so we have total control over the entire production process, while having constant access to the freshest local ingredients.