For whom?

Meat Hit cakes are dedicated to dogs of small and large breeds. Correspondingly, we offer cakes of a smaller size in the shape of cubes, in packs of 110g and packaging 454g ideal for dogs of large breeds, with a triangle-shaped cookie. However, we created 4 formulas of Meat Hit. they are supplemented with additional ingredients that have a positive effect on the individual health segments of our Pupils: MEAT HIT FOR MEAT EATERS

Meat Hit biscuits are baked for every dogs. Meat Hit biscuits are dedicated to small and large breeds. Thus, we offer smaller biscuits in the shape of small bones in 110 g packs, and 454 g packs with triangle-shaped biscuits perfect for large breeds.

We have created 4 formulas of Meat Hit biscuits. They have additional ingredients that positively influence individual health segments of our pets:

  • JOINT CARE formula JOINT CARE formula is perfect for older dogs as it contains flaxseed to help digestion and glucosamine and chondroitin to strengthen joints.

  • DENTAL CARE formulais recommended especially for dogs with teeth problems, because reduced carbohydrate content means healthier teeth and gums, and the addition of green tea extract protects the mouth and makes our dogs have fresh breath.

  • SKIN & COAT formula is most frequently used for dogs taking care of shiny coat, because it is based on fresh fish which makes the skin healthier and the coat shinier. Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids strengthen the immune system.

  • VIGOR formula is especially recommended for active dogs whose diet, thanks to Meat Hit biscuits, is supplemented with vitamins that regenerate cells and support healthy development. L-Casei bacteria boost immunity and help digestion.