Published: 11.07.2019

MEAT HIT PUPPY – a healthy treat for puppies

We are pleased to introduce to you our new formula. Meat biscuits for puppies. Meat Hit PUPPY formula is dedicated to ALL breed puppies.

The PUPPY formula contains as many as 46% meat ingredients and beneficial vegetables and herbs.  Treats are additionally enriched with vitamins and minerals, which support a healthy development of the movement system, and it also  protects  delicate nervous system of young dogs.

Our healthy biscuits are made in Canada using the unique process of Oven Baking thanks to which our treats are full of fresh meats with unique aroma, flavour and nutritional value.

Discover Meat Hit Puppy today and indulge your dog with a healthy treat to satisfy its natural nutritional needs.

Product Show Case – Zoomark 2019

Why Meat Hit Puppy?

FRESH CHICKEN – main meat ingredient – fresh, cage-free chicken.

VITAMINS – for improved brain function and development of puppy’s skeletal system.

L-CASEI – reduce inflammation risk, boost immunity and improve digestion.

OVEN-BAKED – Oven-baking preserves all the nutritional values of the ingredients and their natural flavour.

Our secret and best-guarded recipe includes the following:

  • high content of meat
  • fresh fruit and vegetables
  • omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids
  • vitamins and minerals

Meat Hit biscuits are naturally the best reward which is always worth having at hand. With four tasty formulas, your dogs will never have enough and you will take care of their condition and health.

Meat Hit Small Bread

Your dog will simply love them.

Do you want to become a Meat Hit distributor in your country? Contact us by email. We will be happy to tell you about our products and help you introduce Meat Hit to your market.