Why Meat Hit?

We pay more and more attention to what we eat, so we should do the same when choosing food for our four-legged pals.

If you were offered a choice between a biscuit with no nutritional value, tasting good, but the one you will forget you have eaten after half an hour, or a snack which has even better and more intense taste and at the same time adds vitality, what would you choose? That’s right, we would also go for the second option.

So, why not buy your pets biscuits that both taste good and give them energy for the whole day and are healthy and nutritious?

Meat Hit biscuits have a composition perfectly tailored to the needs of your pets. Thanks to a high content of fresh meat, i.e. food that is their natural food, biscuits are not only tasty, but also meet their primary needs. Vegetables, herbs and other ingredients perfectly supplement healthy and nutritious diet. What is important, Meat Hit biscuits, unlike other dog biscuits, do not contain grain, preservatives or artificial supplements, so our dogs do not eat empty calories.